Wild weekend

Somewhere along the Old Sale Road, which was my route to Neerim East and a quilting weekend away, I spotted this little fellow bustling along the side of the road. As I walked back after stopping and grabbing the phone, it crossed the road. Good timing on both out parts.

It heard me from quite a distance and quickly buried itself in the soft soil. But I can be quite patient and still and eventually the echidna poked out its nose and was soon on its way again.

The first morning of the Waverley Patchworkers Retreat was very misty and the grass very wet, so walking was restricted to gravel roadways. Up behind the main building were two kangaroos enjoying a morning feed.

Two more were higher up the hill, but after a long staring competition all bounded away into the forest.

The second morning was quite different. Warm breezes came down off the hill interspersed with gusts of cool air from the river. After a pleasant walk before anyone else had emerged, I approached the buildings from the car park. Just ahead of me a long legged bird ran out from a bank planted with assorted shrubs and ducked in again further down the path.  I got to the steps and it rushed off again, across the drive and around the far corner of the buildings. It all happened very quickly, no time for a photo.

I have taken this picture from the Morwell National Park’s website. The female superb lyrebird leaves her nest for a few hours early in the morning to feed, she gets no help at all from the father. The temperature in the nest drops, slowing embryo development and making for a long incubation period. Eggs are laid in winter, so maybe the one I saw was just another very busy mother.


2 responses to “Wild weekend

  1. Wow! I’ve never seen a lyrebird in the wild.

  2. Isn’t nature beautiful.

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