A shiny new facility has been installed since I last visited this end of the reserve near my house. For both man and beast, it is a slick design with a quirky twist. I like the bone shaped support for the dog bowl.

I did a taste test. The water is not from the dam below.

My walk was stopped by a flooded path. There has been a lot of rain, in sudden downpours, since mid December and up until now it has drained away reasonably quickly. But the 20mm from last weekend is lingering. The drain in this small retarding dam must be blocked. You can see from the silt marks on the trees how high the water has been.IMG_7560

Fortunately there is an alternate path home, on the other side of the creek. Up a very steep path, half way up turning onto  a narrow track.

This goes across the hill, past a revegetation zone. You can see the main path below. A   clamber down to a stone crossing of the creek and I am back on the main track.

In the early 1980s this watercourse was to be barrel drained and grassed. Local residents objected, not only because we didn’t want to pay for the works, we mainly wanted this bushland to be preserved as it is a significant wildlife corridor. After a long battle we won and a plan was made for the future of this area.

I remember a delegation of young pony riders came to the Council meeting putting a case for horse riding to be permitted on some paths. At that time the former Warranwood Store still had a hitching rail out the front and this was a popular riding track. Everyone agreed that as long as their routes avoided the steep slopes, horses could stay. In all those years the riders have kept to their designated tracks, so there is little in the way of erosion.


2 responses to “Detour

  1. There some beautiful walks around your area.

  2. Think of all the wildlife that has benefited from the preservation of the creek environment over those 35 years or so. And the humans who can walk through bushland, and see some of the wildlife.

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