What the cat saw

Picture this. You are on the phone to your daughter. You notice the kitten outside on the stair rail very excited about something. You go out into 40 degree plus heat to check it out. Still on the phone, you want to take a photo, remove the kitten – oh and figure out how to use FaceTime so you can include your daughter in the drama.

Well, I got the photo, removed the kitten and daughter face timed me so she could see.


A ringtail possum out in the day time. She may have been too hot in her nest or out searching for water. She was moving carefully through the bottle brush keeping a close watch on the kitten.

Once the Umeko was inside, and the phone conversation concluded, I checked on possum again.

She had moved into the lemon scented gum and Lulu on the path below had woken and was taking some interest. So time to move cat number two.

The possum did not appear to be heat stressed, certainly a possibility and a reason to be out and about. I thought of giving her a light spray from the hose, but she had already moved on. Hopefully back to her nest in dense shrubs just the other side of the carport.


2 responses to “What the cat saw

  1. A bit of excitement for a hot day. I don’t suppose possums enjoy 40 degrees any more than we do.

  2. Jenni Strachan

    Your cat’s eyes are a beautiful colour. No doubt the possum has it’s own way of staying cool.

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