The Spiegeltent comes to Ringwood

One of the oldest Spiegletents still in operation has been erected next to Ringwood Station for a short season. It is 100 years old, made of wood, stained glass and mirrors. An intimate venue for cabaret style productions – it is still big enough for an amazing, specially commissioned Circus Oz performance.

NEON celebrates everything trashy, glitzy and fabulously tragic about the 1980s in this jam-packed 70 minutes of non-stop energy, stunning acrobatic and aerial acts, breathtaking feats of circus, with a smattering Flashdance choreography.

Neon castFeaturing an outrageous cast of multitalented circus artists and a questionably fashionable MC, NEON is shamelessly inspired by the unforgettable songs, incredible fashion and unbridled optimism of what Circus Oz describes as the ‘best decade ever’.

I really couldn’t say it better than the publicity material. This turned out to be the best birthday present to give to and enjoy with a forty something year old and her 14 year old daughter who had been raised on 80s music.

While non flash photography is allowed, it was really too full on to even think about taking a picture. I grabbed these shots of the finale, including the non-glamour shot of the MC Geraldine Quinn being hoisted up by the Circus Oz team.

It is hard to single out highlights, the whole show was spectacular and so much fun. The end of one lifting and balancing routine where the smaller of the two females had one of the men standing on her shoulders was triumphant. It would be hard to choose between a beautiful aerial silk routine done to Prince’s Purple Rain,  a Ghostbusters tribute with the ‘ghost’ flung about willy nilly, or Geraldine singing Robert Palmer’s Simply Irresistible with two men in lycra shifts providing an alternative backup from the well known video.

A great collaboration between Maroondah Council and Eastland, I hope this is just the first of many more fantastic shows just 10 minutes from home.


2 responses to “The Spiegeltent comes to Ringwood

  1. Wonderful, the music would have been a highlight. I enjoy a circus with a difference and no animals.

  2. Well that sounds like fun!

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