Today was the day I got to see another Bonnie Hunter 2018 mystery quilt. I have been following Vireya’s progress from late November, and now it is very close to being finished. Just the binding to stitch down. The quilting is beautiful, I love the added texture it gives to the blue setting triangles.

It is a properly scrappy version of the quilt and it was fun to compare it with my smaller version which has far fewer fabrics.

My other homework was to view the Helen Maudsley Our Knowing and Not Knowing exhibition at NGV Australia; she is the first artist Waverley Art Quilters are looking at this year. The only thing I know about her  is that she is that the titles of her paintings are very long. She is a modernist artist who does not fit neatly into any category. The curator had displayed these recent works in a gallery papered entirely with a blowup of one of her paintings. This I found rather distracting.

In the next gallery is Louise Paramor’s Palace of the Republic. This consists of  paper sculptures and plastic assemblages. The honeycomb paper sculptures in the first part of this exhibition were commissioned by the NGV and use a technique she developed through trial and error during a residency in Berlin in 1999.

The works are grand in size, either standing or hanging. Moving around the shapes created interesting views and relationships between the individual pieces.

Light and shadow gave the solid colour of the paper a beautiful richness.

And everyone entering the space while I was there gasped, and then started talking nostalgically about tissue paper lanterns and balls that opened up magically from flat.

I also wanted to see Del Kathryn Barton The Highway is Disco which is also on Level 3 at Federation Square. IMG_7650I was just beginning to view the seventy-five montages -inside another land in which women’s bodies are both human and plant, when the fire alarm sounded.

It was not a drill, the fire brigade arrived and everyone had to evacuate. IMG_7652

I must get back before 12 March to see the rest.


3 responses to “Homework

  1. Pity about the fire alarm cutting short your visit.

  2. Jenni Strachan

    It was all very exciting wasn’t it, must get back to have a longer view of them all.

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