Horsham-Noradjuha spur line

I mentioned in my post about Natimuk and Noradjuha that the train went west from Horsham in 1887. This was just a small line, just under 20 miles long,  to enable the wheat harvest to get to Horsham and beyond when the rough roads were impassable.

The first obstacle was the Wimmera River and flood plains. A long trestle bridge was built to cross the river with further spans over the low lying land at Quantong.

Nearby are what I think are the remains of the original road bridge.

The line was expanded west though Natimuk to Goroke in 1894. After much lobbying to keep the Noradjuha spur open, it was extended to Toolando and beyond starting in 1909. These lines were essential to the opening up of the Wimmera to intensive agriculture.

The bridge was deemed unsafe and the lines closed in 1986. I found this photo of an excursion train that ran in 1983 on a blog about the history of the Wimmera.

The bridge was heritage listed in 1998.

An impressive station and associated buildings were constructed at Noradjuha. There was a turntable, station master’s house, engineer’s house and cleaner’s house plus sheds and silos. But they did not stay for long and much of the infrastructure was moved to Goroke.

There is a photo in the Arapiles Historical Society calendar. Unfortunately the building was sold in 1946 and demolished and all that remains are some silos.

And in Society’s collection of items I saw this photo of the Flour Mill by the station at Natimuk, taken around 1910.



2 responses to “Horsham-Noradjuha spur line

  1. Old photos are a wonderful resource.

  2. Jenni Strachan

    Trestle bridges are a feat of engineering, a beautiful area to visit.

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