Under construction

After many many hours of driving I finally made it to the last destination on my two day Wimmera Road Trip. Much of it was spent thinking and learning about the past, so it was a refreshing change to see the future being made. And I received such a friendly welcome with tea and cake to boot.

The place? A very famous garden in Lal Lal, to followers of Weed n Stitch that is.  There was lots to see, so much had grown in the year since I was here last. And lots of new developments too. Vireya documents all this very well but in case you haven’t got the full picture here are one or two.

First one of the beds that can be seen from the living room windows. A lovely shady place to sit and plan the next garden task.

And next a wide view of the compound from one of the high sides. The house nestles between two slight rises that have been left as natural bushland (minus weeds). In between the house and the shed with all the solar panels is the formal walled garden which is slowly taking shape. The infamous pizza oven is front left, still getting final coats at this time, but now, cooking up a storm. The veggie garden and orchard are way across the other side along with all the roses that line the drive. It is quite a magical place.

Thank you Vireya and Graeme for your hospitality. I look forward to seeing further changes on my next visit.


2 responses to “Under construction

  1. Jenni Strachan

    Thank you for your visit, it is lovely to see how the garden and home are growing.

  2. I thought that place looked familiar!

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