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Showcase 2017

I spent a most enjoyable day at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. As usual most of the time was spent catching up with friends, doing a little shopping and looking at the wonderful showcase of quilts.

It was also very exciting to see lots of members of my quilt group Waverley Patchworkers doing well in the judged competition. All the grinning winners can be seen at Waverley Winners at Showcase 2017.

Other quilts that I felt deserved a really close look were:

Best of Show Colourful Retina by Sugy Kim. It is mainly executed by hand including the quilting. My guess is the detailed print fabric seen in the third photo is a Liberty and was the starting point for this quilt.

Jacobean Revival, a small quilt by Julie Adamson. The background, quilting and some of the appliqué fabrics are silk. It won awards for excellence in appliqué and hand quilting.

Another appliqué quilt, but with very different subject matter. It reminded me of a collectors case. The vine is adapted from a William Morris pattern. Called Dance of Life – There’s always one out of step it is by Lisa Anderson and quoted by Nola Williams.

There were a few special displays, one showing different ways of using 9 patch blocks.


As for shopping, only some fusible web I need for a workshop I am running in August, a ball of wool I think will be interesting to use in both warp and weft of my next weaving practice and a book on Tapestry Weaving. The selection of fabrics is a gift from a friend- all because I commented on the design using Roman Numerals, can you spot them. I now have a full range of colours to use in something special.